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How a Heat Pump Works?

The video above is a very simplistic view of how a heat pump works to transfer heat from outside in or inside out. What we decided to skip over were a few components that help the direction the refrigerant's flow in. Components such as a reversing valve, control board, various valves function to control the direction of flow. These make a heat pump unique to an air conditioner where an air conditioner can only cool and room and can not heat.  To learn a little more about each component click Learn More for a deeper understanding of how a heat pump really works

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Heat pump size calculator

Getting the size of your heat pump right for the room your trying to heat and cool is important for the efficiency and life of the heat pump. A heat pump that is too small will cause the heat pump to overwork to try to achieve the desire temperature. It can run into frosting or icing issues and reduce its efficiency. A heat pump that is too large will continuously cycle on and off and doesn't give the compressor enough time to maintain a healthy run cycle. Both scenarios damage the heat pump and can cause your investment to break down and shorten the life of the heat pump.

Besides the obvious factor of floor space required for heating and cooling, there are 7 less obvious factors that should be considered when choosing the size of the heat pump. These include ceiling height, unit location, insulation, the number of windows, occupants, electrical equipment, and the building construction.

Heat pump efficiency

In today's modern society reducing waste (such as plastics), staying healthy, and looking after our environment are all topics we should be asking ourselves how we can do better? Our heat pumps come with a 5-year warranty and is considerably more energy efficient than any other available products for heating and cooling. They can't get knocked over and keep our young ones out of cold, damp environments where mold and viruses prosper.

Heat pumps are able to generate around 2 to 6 times more heat and cooling power as it uses in electricity.

Not all heat pumps are made equal, besides buying the most energy efficient heat pump there are things you can do in your own home or office that can save you even more money.

Simple tips like not choosing auto mode on your heat pump and telling it to either heat or cool down a room is a little tip that helps you keep your hard-earned cash. If you haven't already got a heat pump then getting us to do an in-house free assessment will automatically save you money by getting the heat pump sized for the room.

Click LEARN MORE for more tricks and tips on how to heat and cool your home for less.

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Cost to run heat pump

Every year it's a race to see who comes up with the most energy efficient heat pump. With star ratings only comparing one brand or model to another, it can give a good indicator of how energy efficient one heat pump is compared to the next. That might be all the information you need to make a purchase but here at Auckland Heat Pump Installations we are driven by our transparency and our love for numbers

However, with so many numbers on the boxes or labels, it can get a little confusing to know which numbers are important and how they relate to function or cost.  

All heat pumps sold in NZ must have an energy efficiency label. Not only do they tell you how they compare between other models but the number recorded under input and output capacity can give you a good indicator of how much a heat pump will cost to run.

Click LEARN MORE to use our calculator and find out how much a heat pump will really cost you.

Heat Pump Servicing

A heat pump is like a refrigerator, once in a while we need to take everything out and give it a good clean. Our heat pumps are made to provide you with years of comfort, and every once in a while we need to give something back. The best thing you can do for your heat pump is to make sure it’s serviced and well maintained. Keeping up with these things will help keep the running cost down and extends the life of your heat pump. We are happy to discuss the things you can do yourself and little tricks that help you help yourself.

Our heat pumps come with a 5-year warranty, and on any given day that something isn’t quite right with your heat pump, we will know who and when it was installed without you needed to lift a finger.

We have devised our own troubleshooting guide to help either you or your service agent fix some common problems that you haven't thought of trying.

Click LEARN MORE to find out what the professionals do and maybe save yourself a call out fee.

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Best heat pump

As experts in our field, we must make choosing a heat pump easier for you, and this is what we aim to do in every aspect of our service. Once our systems are installed, they change the way you and your family live, and you’ll wonder how you ever live without them.

We only partner with the best brands that show they are committed to developing their technology to keep up with the values and desires of our customers. Our philosophy revolves around our customers, and how to make everything work in the best way possible. Our specialists go out of their way to provide the best commercial and residential solutions when it comes to health and comfort.

Click LEARN MORE to look into a comprehensive guide on which heat pump is right for you. Whether you're after the quietest heat pump for a bedroom or you're looking to find the most energy efficient, we will help you with the relevant facts you need.